Professional translations of Texts and Websites, Presentations and Pitch Decks, Social Media Content, Blogs and Brochures

We are a team of professional translators and CEO copywriters that has been working with words since the end of the ‘90s. We all have University Degrees in Languages and Translation and are specialized in a specific technical field.

We provide translation services from many specialized areas from and to English, French, Spanish, German and Russian. All translations are reviewed by a mother-tongue translator prior to completion.

The average price for our translations ranges from 10 cents per word (plus VAT) for informative texts, up to 15 cents per word for specialized texts (such as medical or legal). Of course, the price is approximate as the final cost will be set according to the type of text to be translated, the time required, and the use of the translation. To provide a proper ex-ante quote we need to see a small part of the text.

Translation of static and dynamic content for websites

The average price ranges from 12 cents per word for informative texts to 15 cents for specialized texts. 

To ensure the text "usability" in the target language, the translation of the contents of a website includes:

1. The analysis of the keywords in the source language

2. The adaptation of the keywords into the target language

3. The translation of both static and dynamic content

We can also optimize texts for SEO to ensure the maximum visibility of the website.

We work with graphic designers  and website developers to provide support and advice:

1) The search for keywords for the best ranking on foreign search engines,

2) The update of multilingual sites,

3) Advice on internalization

4) Pay-per-click campaigns on foreign engines.


Interpretation services 

We provide consecutive interpreters for business meetings, conferences, interviews. The consecutive interpreter listens to the speaker for a maximum of 5 minutes, takes notes and translates for the audience.

The average price for one hour of consecutive interpreting is € 80.

In the case of chouchotage, the interpreter translates simultaneously and whispers in the target language to one or two listeners. The average price for one hour of chouchotage is € 80.